Bristol County District Attorney

Missing Persons

Bristol County District Attorney Tom Quinn’s Cold Case Unit announced that it is further expanding its scope to include a group of “Missing Persons” who have vanished without a trace during the past 50 years.

The Cold Case Unit is actively reviewing missing person cases in conjunction with its efforts to identify all unidentified bodies, another initiative that was announced in the summer of 2022.  Many individuals have been missing for many years without any details of what happened to them.  Although there are circumstances where individuals go missing where no criminal circumstances are involved, it is important that any individual can be accounted for to rule out concerns by law enforcement authorities, and provide answers to family members.

District Attorney Quinn’s Cold Case Unit has been very successful in bringing charges in homicide and violent sexual assault cases dating back more than 30 years.

The use of the latest forensic technologies involving DNA and genetic genealogy has provided investigators with additional tools to assist in our new Missing Persons Project and our previously announced Unidentified Bodies Project.  Ongoing efforts are being undertaken to not only identify unidentified bodies but also to develop a DNA profile for missing persons so that it can be used, even many years later, to assist in identifying a missing person.

Bristol County District Attorney Thomas M. Quinn III remarked “Finding missing persons and unidentified bodies is part of our ongoing Cold Case initiative.  We are trying to locate each and every one of these missing persons in order to bring some closure to families and friends who have been searching for their loved ones for years.  It is also likely that in some of these cases, people have gone missing as a result of foul play and criminal conduct.  At the heart of our mission is bringing justice to victims.  That is why we are now expanding our ‘cold case’ efforts into new frontiers.  Our Cold Case Unit has been successful in solving multiple cold case homicides and previously unsolved violet sexual assaults.  The unit is now expanding its efforts to focus on missing persons and unidentified remains.  If anyone has any information related to these cases, please contact us.

District Attorney Quinn has prioritized this initiative along with the Cold Case Unit’s efforts on unsolved murders, rapes and other violent crimes.

Below is a list of some of the individuals who have gone missing in Bristol County over the last 50 years.  As some of these individuals have gone missing under suspicious circumstances, the Bristol District Attorney’s Office, working with the Massachusetts State Police Unresolved Unit and local police departments across the county, are appealing to anyone with any information regarding any of these missing person cases to please reach out to Massachusetts State Police Lt. Ann Marie Robertson at (508) 961-1918 or email Lt. Robertson at

Massachusetts State Police can also be contacted directly at (855) MA-SOLVE (855-627-6583) or by email at

If you feel more comfortable submitting an anonymous tip on one of these unsolved cases, we have made it easy for you to do so in two different ways.  The first way to submit an anonymous tip is via our text-a-tip program. To anonymously text a tip to us, text the word “Bristol” to the phone number CRIMES (274637). Then just text us your tip. You can also submit a web-based anonymous tip by going to Submit a Web Tip.  These tip programs are completely anonymous and your personal information will never be seen by our investigators or anyone else.

This list will be updated as additional information becomes available so please check back frequently.

DOB: 4/25/1985

Date Last Seen: 10/13/2007 in Dartmouth, MA

In 2007, Charles Allen (also known as Babson Maximus) was a student at the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth. On October 13, 2007 he was last seen in the vicinity of College Lane in Dartmouth by a homeowner at approximately 3:00 AM when he attempted to break into their residence. Charles is a Caucasian male with brown hair and brown eyes. At the time of his disappearance was described as 5’11” and weighing around 175-190 lbs.   When last seen, Charles was wearing glasses, sneakers and black sweatpants with medium stripes down the legs. He was also observed carrying a long sleeve white t-shirt with “2007 US Open” printed on the front as he loved the sport of tennis.  Charles was also wearing glasses and sneakers. During a search for Charles Allen, his vehicle, a 1999 blue Ford Expedition, was discovered abandoned on the university campus which contained his backpack and school supplies. Prior to his disappearance, Mr. Allen’s family noticed that he had become paranoid and had expressed an interest in moving to Texas or Florida.  Shortly after his disappearance, it was reported that an individual fitting his description was observed approaching a commercial vehicle on Route 6 in Dartmouth. Authorities do not attribute his disappearance to foul-play but instead to his bipolar disorder and theorize that he may have hitched a ride out of New England.

DOB: 12/12/1955

Date Last Seen: Labor Day Weekend 1978 in New Bedford, MA

Richard “Ricky” Carter grew up in New Bedford in a family with many siblings.  After high school, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and later served in the Philippines.  When his service ended, he returned to New Bedford.  He worked for a time assisting his uncle who was a horse trainer. Ricky was last seen in the Fall of 1978 when he was 22 years old.  He was a light/medium complexioned Cape Verdean/African American man with brown hair and brown/hazel eyes.  He was 6’ 2” tall with an athletic build and weighed approximately 190 lbs.  He also had a scar on his left cheek and on his stomach.

DOB: 10/5/1958

Date Last Seen: 11/27/1992 in North Attleboro, MA

Kenneth Cauldwell was last seen on Friday, November 27, 1992, leaving his residence after a dispute with a family member.  At that time, he was living at 227 East Street in North Attleboro.  Mr. Cauldwell is a Caucasian man who was 34 years old at the time of his disappearance.  He was described as 5’8” weighing 140 lbs., with black hair and brown eyes. When he was last seen, he was wearing jeans, sneakers, and a flannel shirt. Many searches of areas in North Attleboro have been conducted since that time but without success.

DOB: 3/29/1969

Date Last Seen: 1/2/1992 in Fairhaven, MA

On January 2, 1992 James Couto was 22 years old and lived at 1011 Cross Road in North Dartmouth.  On this date, he was last seen by a family member in Fairhaven.  Couto is a Caucasian male who at that time was described as 5’10” and 180-200 lbs. with thick brown hair, brown eyes and thin lips.  James had pierced ears and is missing both nail beds on his big toes due to severe ingrown toenails. The circumstances surrounding James Couto’s disappearance have led some family members to believe that he may still be alive and possibly living in the southern United States.

DOB: 5/4/1959

Date Last Seen: 12/20/2004 in New Bedford, MA

On December 20, 2004 Glen Crowley was last seen leaving New Bedford harbor aboard a fishing boat as it headed out to sea. Later, another fishing vessel, the “Diane Marie” radioed the U.S Coast Guard at approximately 4:44 P.M that a fishing vessel was on fire or sinking. The Diane Marie heard the transmissions from the Northern Edge and rescued one survivor of the wreck who had managed to escape in a lifeboat. Glen Crowley in addition to the captain and other crew members were all lost at sea.  Later, that fishing boat capsized at sea and Glen, then 45 years old, disappeared and his body has never been recovered.  Glen Crowley was described as a Caucasian male, 6’2” weighing 190lbs, with brown hair and brown eyes. He had a large heart tattoo on his chest with the names Rebecca, Melissa, and Glen inscribed in the center.  He also had a hawk tattoo on his left forearm and a black panther tattoo on his right arm with the name Jamie underneath

DOB: 12/10/1942

Date Last Seen: 10/10/1981 in Norton, MA


For over 40 years, Andrew Dabbs remains Bristol County’s Most Wanted Fugitive for the execution killing of his girlfriend in Norton.  On October 10, 1981, Andrew and his girlfriend were driving through Norton from their apartment in Derry, New Hampshire, when he allegedly shot the victim in the chest with a .45 caliber revolver.  He then pushed her body out of the car onto the side of Route 123 and fled the state may have traveled to Florida.  On November 3, 1981, Andrew Dabbs was indicted for murder by the Bristol County Grand Jury and a murder warrant was issued for his arrest.  On September 20, 1982, a federal arrest warrant was issued for Andrew by a United States Magistrate in Massachusetts after he was charged with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution. Mr. Dabbs, an African American man, was 39 years old at the time of the murder and was described as 5’11” and 180 lbs., with brown hair, brown eyes and a large freckle on his nose. Mr. Dabbs has a prominent vertical scar on his right forearm, as well as large burn scars on his upper left arm. Andrew Dabbs, who would be 79 years old today, also remains on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.

DOB: 5/19/1960

Date Last Seen: 5/9/2021 in Dartmouth, MA

Henry Fermino was last seen on Sunday, May 9, 2021, by a housekeeper working at the Capri Inn in Dartmouth.  At that time, Mr. Fermino was 60 years old and had recently checked into the motel. On the day he was last seen, he was observed to be in the company of another man.  An extensive search of the surrounding areas was conducted in the days following his disappearance with negative results.  Mr. Fermino is an African American man who at the time of his disappearance was described as 5’2” and weighing approximately 155-165 lbs., with brown eyes and brown hair that is receding.

DOB: 7/18/1968

Date Last Seen: 6/7/2017 in Berkley, MA

On June 7, 2017, Donald (“Donnie”) Flint was a 48 year old, developmentally disabled, Caucasian man who lived in Berkley.  On that date, at approximately 10 PM, he was last seen leaving his home located at 165 Padelford Street in Berkley.  At the time of his disappearance, Flint was as 5’8” – 5’10” and 180 lbs., with short, partially gray hair, brown eyes, and distinctive large ears. It should be noted that Flint did not have access to a cellular phone nor knew how to operate a motor vehicle. Multiple searches of the areas around his home were conducted but to do there has been no sign of Donald Flint.

DOB: 3/27/1990

Date Last Seen: 3/3/2019 in New Bedford, MA

Lisa Hazard was 28 year old, Caucasian woman when she was last seen on Sunday, March 3, 2019, in the general area of New Bedford. After leaving the residence of her son’s father located at 1643 Phillips Rd, New Bedford, she was supposed to go to a drug rehabilitation center. She was never seen after that time. At the time of her disappearance, Hazard was living at 1334 South Main Street in Fall River.  Hazard has been described as 5’9” and weighing 110 lbs., with long curly brown hair and brown eyes. When she was last seen, Hazard was wearing black sweatpants and brown boots.  Hazard has a distinctive tattoo of the Aries zodiac symbol on her right wrist.

DOB: 2/8/1967

Date Last Seen: 1/15/1990 in New Bedford, MA at sea

On January 15, 1990, Steven Lambert was a 22 year old man working on the 84’ fishing vessel, Jupiter, from New Bedford.  In the early morning hours of that day, Lambert went overboard into the ocean.  Despite efforts by other crew members to rescue him, Lambert was lost at sea.  Both the Coast Guard and other fishing boats participated in the search for Lambert, however, his body has never been recovered.

DOB: 8/15/1982

Date Last Seen: 5/28/2014 in Fall River, MA

Jennifer Mbugua was 31 years old when she was last seen in Fall River on May 27, 2014.  Although originally from Nairobi, Kenya, Mbugua had been living at 230 Winter Street in Fall River.  On the afternoon of May 27th, Mbugua was seen in her car which was parked next to her apartment building.  She has not been seen again since that time.   Mbugua is an African American woman, who at the time of her disappearance was described as 5’3” and 140 lbs., with black hair and brown eyes.  At approximately 3 AM on the following morning (May 28th), an employee of a Shell gas station located at 890 S. Washington Street in North Attleboro observed her car parked near a dumpster at the service station.  Later, both the keys and one of Mbugua’s shoes were also found outside of the car and the car was determined to be operational.  A number of searches were conducted but all found no trace of this missing woman

DOB: 10/17/1969

Date Last Seen: 6/20/2000 in Taunton, MA

Debra Marie Mello is now 52 years old, she was last observed on Tuesday, July 20, 2000, on Rt. 18 in Weymouth she exited her vehicle after an argument with her husband. Mello was 30 years old when she was last observed. At the time of Mello’s disappearance, she lived at 60 Baylies Road in Taunton. Mello is a Caucasian woman, who at the time of her disappearance was described as 5’1” and weighing between 110-115 lbs..  She has brown hair and blue eyes. She has a rose tattoo with the name “Louie” inscribed on her right shoulder. It should be noted that the last articles clothing that she was identified in consisted of a blue floral sundress, and white open-toed sandals with a large diamond ring worn on her index finger.

DOB: 8/1/1965

Date Last Seen: 7/12/1991 in Fall River, MA

Nadine Mendonca is now 56 years old, she was last observed on Friday, July 12, 1991, at Jake’s Saloon located at 1193 Pleasant St. Fall River, MA. Mendonca was 25 years old when she was last observed. She lived at 254 Locust St. in Fall River, MA. At the time of Mendonca’s disappearance, she was described as a Caucasian female, 5’0” and 95 lbs, with brown hair, frosted tips, brown eyes, and a flower tattoo on her right shoulder. Mendonca was seen leaving Jake’s Saloon with a male companion. It should be noted that two weeks later her vehicle was found in Weld Square. Mendonca has not been seen or heard from since July 12, 1991.

DOB: 11/12/1968

Date Last Seen: 6/7/1988 in New Bedford, MA

Christina Monteiro was only 19 years old when she was last observed on Tuesday, June 7, 1988, by her family in New Bedford.  At the time of Monteiro’s disappearance, she was living in New Bedford and was described as an African American female, 5’3”-5’6” and 110 lbs. with brown hair and brown eyes. Monteiro has a distinct scar on her left eye, and tattoos consisting of initials on both arms. It should be noted that the last articles of clothing Monteiro were identified in consisted of a t-shirt and blue jeans with sneakers.

DOB: 1/11/1960

Date Last Seen: 10/3/2015 in Freetown, MA

Joaquim Santos Prata was 55 years old when he went missing on Saturday, October 3, 2015. He was last seen by his co-workers at approximately 3:30 PM on a worksite on Braley Road in Freetown. At the time of Prata’s disappearance, he was living at 399 Doric Avenue in Cranston, RI.  He is a Caucasian man, 6’2” and 180 lbs. with brown hair, brown eyes and a graying mustache and beard. Later on the same day, he was spotted on surveillance at the headquarters of his company, Fernandes Masonry in New Bedford leaving the premises at 6:45 PM in his work vehicle. Prata’s work vehicle was discovered later located in the proximity of his work site on Braley Road. Within the vehicle was his cell phone, wallet, and a suicide note. The note indicated that he wished to not be found. Searches of this area found no trace of Prata.


DOB: 5/26/1969

Date Last Seen: 1/8/1999

Steven Reeves is now 53 years old, he was last observed Friday, January 8, 1999, in Dartmouth, MA. Reeves was 29 years old when he was last observed.  Reeves is a Caucasian male, who at the time of his disappearance was described as 5’10” and 180-200 lbs., with brown hair and brown eyes. He worked as a fisherman on the vessel Cape Fear, which sank three miles off the coast of Dartmouth, in Buzzards Bay.  His body has never been recovered.


DOB: 2/4/1960

Date Last Seen: 9/1/1993 in Taunton, MA

Ralph Robbins was 33 years old when he was last seen on September 1, 1993.  At that time, he was living at 24 North Walker Street in Taunton.  On that day, he spoke to his daughter on the phone and had made arrangements to pick her up the following day to take her shopping for school.  Robbins never showed up the following day and has not been seen since.  His car was later found to have been parked at Newark Airport in New Jersey where it remained for over a year before it was eventually towed.  Robbins is a Caucasian male, who at the time of his disappearance was described as 5’ 7” to 5’ 8” and weighing 175-190 lbs. with brown hair and brown eyes.  Robbins had served in the United States Army in the early 1980s.

DOB: 6/5/1954

Date Last Seen: 3/31/1988 in New Bedford, MA

Marilyn Roberts was 33 years old when she was last observed on Thursday, March 31, 1988, in New Bedford. Roberts is a Caucasian woman who was living in New Bedford.  At the time of her disappearance, she was described as 5’4” and weighing 110-120 lbs., with shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes and tattoos on her arms. The last articles of clothing Roberts were identified in consisted of a t-shit and blue jeans with sneakers. She had been known to struggle with a drug addiction.

DOB: 6/5/2000

Date Last Seen: 2/13/2016 in Attleboro, MA

Michael Sugura was a 15 year old teenager who was last observed on Sunday, February 13, 2016, in Attleboro.  Sugura is a Hispanic man, who would be 22 years old today.  He was living in Attleboro at that time he went missing and was described as 5’9” and 150 lbs., with black hair, and brown eyes and acne on his face.  Sugura may have traveled to Brooklyn NY and could be using the alias of Yanes-Sugura.

DOB: 6/19/1955

Date Last Seen: 1988 in Fall River, MA

Clotilde went missing in 1988 at the age of 33.  At that time the time of her disappearance, she was living with her husband and their 8-year-old daughter at 128 Pearce Street in Fall River.  Clotilde had been working at F&F Braid Company which was also located on Pearce Street near her home.