IMG_8036Bristol County District Attorney Tom Quinn and his office provide presentations year-round to diverse audiences. Below are sample presentations, however you are encouraged to contact the office to discuss a presentation to meet your needs.


*All can be catered appropriately to all ages – elementary, middle, high school, and college level

Bullying and Cyberbullying – Understanding the types, means used, consequences, and how to help yourself or a friend Email 

What Teens Need to Know About Underage Drinking – Understanding the dangers, the personal, health, and legal consequences of underage drinking, and how to resist peer pressure and make positive choices Email

The Dangers of Sexting – Understanding what sexting is, what the consequences are, and how to prevent yourself from exploitation or falling victim to a damaging situation Email

Understanding and Preventing Teen Dating Violence – Understanding healthy versus unhealthy relationships, recognizing the warning signs for abuse, responding as a bystander, and knowing how to get help for yourself or a friend Email

White Ribbon Campaign – A collaborative DA’s office and student-led presentation which engages male students as allies to ending violence against women Email

Drug True Stories: Engaging Youth In Opiate Prevention
Is a three part evidence based curriculum that is aimed at shedding light on the dangers of misusing opiates and prescription painkillers. This program shares the stories of three teens in MA who we all affected differently by the opiate epidemic. We have 17 adult trainers available here in Bristol County to deliver these messages to your students. Students should leave these sessions feeling educated and empowered to say “no” but also help a friend or loved one who may be struggling with addiction.

Adversity to Advocacy: Cory’s Cause
Cory was a varsity baseball and football athlete and a member of the National Honor Society. Cory had a love for the game of baseball. The baseball diamond was the happiest place on earth for him. His Junior year of high School he suffered a shoulder injury which required surgery. After surgery Cory was prescribed opiates for pain and became addicted to his opiate pain medication and eventually became addicted to heroin. On 7/15/13 Cory suffered a heroin overdose which has left him permanently disabled.
From Adversity to Advocacy Cory’s Cause has partnered with the Bristol County DA’s Office to visit schools in Bristol County. Cory and his family together talk to students about the dangers of drugs and offer a message of hope for those who are faced with addiction.


What Teen Need to Know about Underage Drinking
An interactive presentation about the risks associated with underage drinking, drinking and driving, binge drinking and mixing alcohol with other substance. This presentation address consequences of choosing to drink, the laws, and refusal skills to avoid being peer pressured to drink.


Elder Financial Abuse – Avoiding financial fraud, understanding today’s scams, recognizing warning signs that someone might be exploited, and knowing measures to prevent yourself and your loved ones from abuse Email

Social Host Liability – What parents and adults need to know about the dangers and legal consequences of furnishing alcohol to minors, and the state’s social host laws Email

The Role Of The DA’s Office – Understanding the work and players of the DA’s office as it pertains to criminal prosecution, prevention, and community safety Email

Responding to and Understanding Domestic Violence – Knowing how to respond domestic violence when it occurs in or impacts the workplace, a school setting, etc. Email

The Dangers of ‘Sexting’ – For parents or school personnel; understanding the scope and forms of sexting, personal/legal consequences, and related crimes/dangers such as enticement, as well as steps to recognize, protect, and prevent incidents from happening Email

Darkness to Light – For parents and/or any adults; General information for anyone on child sexual abuse, what to look for, how to identify it, and how to respond Email

Hidden In Plain Sight
“Hidden in Plain Sight,” is a mock teenage bedroom that is designed to educate parents on the various hiding places that a teen who is misusing or experimenting with drugs or alcohol may have in their room. It also points out some peculiar but not so obvious things that might be found in their room that you may often not think twice about but could be a warning sign that they are struggling with addiction.


Mandated Reporters, How to Respond to a Disclosure: For teachers, coaches, etc. Email

Expert Testimony as to Sexual Assaults – For doctors and nurses Email

Sexual Assault 101, 102 & Motions in Limine – For prosecutors and legal professionals Email

To discuss a presentation not already provided on this list, please contact our office at:

Brian Rose (508) 961-1972

Carol Silvia (508) 961-1853