Reinvesting forfeiture funds into positive community initiatives…

IMG_2405District Attorney Quinn is committed to the effective and efficient use of seized forfeiture funds. Over the course of the year, these funds are provided to various initiatives that support positive programming and crime prevention efforts throughout Bristol County. This includes:

  • Positive programming for youth and at-risk youth
  • Mentoring services
  • Elder safety and prevention initiatives
  • Child abuse prevention initiatives
  • Educational community events
  • Drug and alcohol prevention efforts
  • Crime prevention initiatives
  • Community safety
     …and more!

Tens of thousands of dollars are made available to non-profit organizations and community efforts in need. These programs are not only positive, but they effectively support crime prevention. For example, numerous youth-serving programs supported by District Attorney Quinn’s funding program keep children involved in positive activities and mentoring, and keep them away from drugs, guns, gangs, and violent crime.

The funds used are derived from assets seized from drug traffickers during the year. Massachusetts law allows up to 10% of drug dealers’ cash and assets seized annually to be used to benefit nonprofit community groups within the district attorney’s jurisdiction. This amount varies yearly.

Under District Attorney Quinn’s leadership, the program has awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars in seized drug money to dozens of youth groups, community centers, and social service agencies at no cost to taxpayers. In 2019, more than $100,000 were reinvested across all parts of Bristol County.

Review all funding guidelines and apply via our Community Funding Application 

*Please note that funding is NOT applicable to any of the following:

  • The funding of salaries
  • The costs involved to conduct a fundraising event
  • Music, food, or entertainment
  • Event tickets

**Please also note that both longevity and need are taken into consideration. Funding is limited and not guaranteed. You may be asked for additional information, or for an in-person visit to discuss your request.