Fall River Repeat Felon Sentenced to Prison

Bristol County District Attorney’s Office
Thomas M. Quinn III
District Attorney

November 15, 2016

Bristol County District Attorney Thomas M. Quinn III announced today that a 27 year old Fall River man, formerly of Boston, has been convicted in Superior Court of firearm charges and will serve up to seven years in state prison along with two years of probation after his release.

After a three day jury trial, Kyron Simmons was convicted of one charge of carrying an illegal firearm, subsequent offense, and one charge of carrying a loaded firearm. The defendant testified in his own defense. After the conviction, Assistant District Attorney Daniel Walsh argued for a six to seven year state prison sentence with two years of probation while Defense attorney Katherine Grubbs argued for a five to six year state prison sentence with two years of probation. Judge Raffi Yessayan sentenced the defendant to serve a five to seven year state prison sentence with two years of probation after his release.

On October 30, 2014, Simmons met up with a casual male acquaintance. They walked to Red’s Quick Zone in Fall River and, while behind Red’s, Simmons took the victim’s cell phone, money, and marijuana. The victim saw something silver in Simmons pocket and believed it to be a gun. Simmons punched the victim and left. Fall River Police were called, and upon arrival, spoke to Jean. They conducted an investigation and identified Simmons as a possible suspect. Police went to St Anne’s Hospital, as they learned that an associate of Simmons was there. In the waiting room, they saw the associate and Simmons. They asked Simmons his name, to which he responded with a false name and walked away. Police said “Kyron stop.” He then ran to the door. The officers tackled him with assistance of St. Anne’s security. One of the officers asked Simmons where the gun was and he replied that it was in his pants. A loaded .22 silver hand gun was found in his pocket. The victim’s cell phone was also found on Simmons.

The defendant was previously convicted in Fall River District Court in 2010 of possession of a firearm, and was also previously convicted in Bristol County Superior Court in 2012 of carrying an illegal firearm.

“This defendant is a repeat offender on probation at the time of the offense. He was apprehended by police inside St. Anne’s Hospital with a loaded gun and fled from police before being apprehended. This altercation occurred while people were waiting to be treated inside the hospital,” said District Attorney Quinn. “ This is a very dangerous and horrifying situation. Fortunately the police were able to subdue the defendant. The defendant received close the maximum sentence, which was very appropriate.”



Gregg Miliote
Director of Communications