New Bedford Drug Dealer Sentenced to Prison

Bristol County District Attorney’s Office 

Thomas M. Quinn III 

District Attorney



October 17, 2016


Bristol County District Attorney Thomas M. Quinn III announced today that a 25 year old New Bedford man will serve up to four years in state prison after being convicted in Superior Court of drug charges.


Jeremiah Cowart pleaded guilty last week to a two count indictment charging him with Possession with Intent to Distribute Heroin-Subsequent offense and Possession with Intent to Distribute Cocaine-Subsequent offense.  Defense attorney Michele Rioux and Assistant District Attorney Patrick Driscoll submitted the agreed upon plea to Judge Raffi Yessayan, which was accepted.


On June 25, 2015, New Bedford Police pulled the defendant over for driving with a suspended license. Upon being pulled over, officers observed the defendant make furtive movements to his waistband before removing him from the vehicle. Officers found a small amount of cocaine in the pockets of his pants. During his transport to the police station in the police cruiser, officers observed the defendant moving around in a manner which made them believe he was trying to dispose of something. The defendant was found to be in possessing additional drugs while at the station – 41 bags of heroin and 8 bags of crack cocaine, along with $176.00 in cash and two cell phones.


The defendant was previously convicted in New Bedford District Court for Possession with Intent to Distribute a Class B drug and was sentence to 12 months in the HOC. He was also previously convicted in Bristol County Superior Court of Possession with Intent to Distribute a Class B drug and was sentenced to probation.


“This defendant has a history of selling drugs and he is one of many contributing to the drug epidemic in the area,” said District Attorney Quinn. “Drug dealers like this defendant need to be held accountable for their conduct.”



Gregg Miliote

Director of Communications