Successful Multi-Agency Warrant Sweep Conducted in Taunton

Bristol County District Attorney’s Office
Thomas M. Quinn III
District Attorney

Press Release
January 27, 2016

Bristol County District Attorney Thomas M. Quinn III, Taunton Police Chief Edward Walsh and Bristol County Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson announced that 20 individuals were arrested this morning during a targeted warrant sweep in the City of Taunton.

The 20 individuals were wanted by authorities as a result of various types of warrants, ranging from probation violation warrants to default warrants for failing to appear in court to face criminal charges.

This morning’s warrant sweep was coordinated by Taunton Police Sergeant Matthew Skwarto and Assistant District Attorney Brian Griffin. Arrests were made by Taunton Police, Bristol County Sheriff Hodgson’s Warrant Apprehension Unit and members of the Massachusetts State Police Detectives Unit assigned to District Attorney Quinn’s office. The objectives of today’s warrant sweep was to target fugitives from justice living in the City of Taunton.

—“These individuals were wanted for probation violations and other serious crimes. The City of Taunton will be a safer place with many of these individuals off the streets,” District Attorney Quinn said. “I look forward to conducting future operations of this nature to assist in making our neighborhoods safer. Special thanks go to Taunton Police, Sheriff Hodgson’s office and the Massachusetts State Police for all working together to make this possible.”

—“I was very happy that the Sheriff’s Warrant Apprehension Unit was able to aid and assist in the joint operation in Taunton today. Working together with other agencies makes for effective law enforcement,” said Sheriff Hodgson. “A joint operation like this is a perfect example of what we can do to help each other execute the mission of preserving public safety.”

— ” I was gratified with the result of the warrant sweep that took place today. Each of the eighteen people arrested in the early morning operation had open criminal charges which they had refused to answer to,” said Chief Walsh. “Through the efforts of the joint operation spearheaded by Detective Sargent Matthew Skwarto of our Street Crimes Unit, we were able to take these people off the street and make them face justice in their cases.”
The 20 defendants apprehended today are:

1. Regina Chaves, 36 – Probation warrant
2. Timothy Marshals, 50 – Probation warrant
3. Marshall Davis, 62 – Probation warrant
4. Junior Quinones, 29 – Operating Under the Influence
5. Jose Melendez, 33 – Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Suspended License
6. Jessalyn Cuneo, 30-Probation warrant
7. Thomas Aponte, 34 – Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle
8. John Andrade, 48 – Probation warrant
9. Deaven Ambers, 27 – Domestic Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon
10. Michael Demers, 52 – Probation warrant
11. Tyler Schwartz, 27 – Two counts of Assault and Battery on a Household Member and one count of Strangulation/Suffocation
12. Melanie Ardita, 36-probation warrant
13. Mark Haraldstad, 31 –Possession of Class A and B Drugs
14. Robert Callery, 29- Probation warrant
15. Diego Santiago, 25 -Probation warrant
16. Jose Figueroa, 36- Probation Warrant
17. Brian Borba, 27-Probation warrant
18. Benjamin Frade, 25 – Superior Court Armed Robbery Probation Warrant
19. Eric Gadomski, 26 –Probation warrant
20. Meters Brown, 24 – Assault and Battery on a Family Member, Strangulation, and Witness intimidation

Gregg Miliote
Director of Communications