Handmade, Recyled, and Reused – Our Holiday Tree


In the spirit of the season, naturally, the office has a tree to welcome in the holidays. This year, members of our Fall River office came up with a unique and innovative way to create a tree that aligns with one of our hallmarks – being environmentally conscious. Below is a description of the tree from the individuals who created it. The ornaments were created by Lisa Medeiros, Vicky Wood, Kristen Spooner, and Erin Aiello of our Superior Court Gun Unit and Special Victims Unit. 

*  *  *  *  *

Our theme came to life from the District Attorney’s office initiative to recycle and keep ‘trash’ out of the landfills. Our tree was made with love and care. All of our ornaments have been handmade with recycled materials such as old law books, light bulbs, and other altered and reused materials.

  • We have old lightbulbs that were destined for landfills. The bulbs were covered in twine and adorned with bits and pieces of jewels. Some were dipped in fine glitter to add even more sparkle.
  • Our round geometric ornaments were made from individual pieces of scrap papers folded, glued together, and adorned with beads to create a geometric globe.
  • There are ornaments made from old law book pages, folded to create a flower image and then adorned with mismatched buttons and glitter.
  • We have traditional looking ornaments that were altered from their original state. The round ornaments were chipped, cracked, or the colors had rubbed off. With some scraps of paper napkins and glue, we gave new life to the old, tired ornaments.
  • Our beautiful garland was made from heart shapes cut from encyclopedia pages dating back to the early 1970s. The heart shapes were glued together and then glued to twine to make a unique and interesting garland.
  • Our tree topper is made from white coffee filters.
  • Finally, the tree skirt is made from simple burlap and left-over hearts from our garland.

View the ornaments below!