On Monday, November 22, 2021, Mr. Harden’s girlfriend was interviewed by investigators.  Mr. Harden’s girlfriend described that an incident occurred two days prior, November 20th, at Mr. Harden’s apartment.[15]  She told investigators that Mr. Harden accused her of cheating, knocked her to the bed and struck her in the face with a painted wooden stick.  At some point, she was able to free herself.  She grabbed her keys and exited the apartment.  At this point, she realized that she did not have her phone and yelled at Mr. Harden to give it back to her.  Instead of giving her phone to her, Mr. Harden responded by throwing a potted plant at the woman which smashed on the ground.  Mr. Harden’s girlfriend left his apartment but she did not  report the matter to police at that time.

On November 21st, Mr. Harden’s girlfriend returned to his apartment to retrieve some of her personal items, including her phone.  Mr. Harden provided her with some of her personal items, but he did not return her phone.  She eventually left without her phone.  The following day, November 22nd, she again went to Mr. Harden’s apartment for the purpose of retrieving her phone.  She remained outside of his apartment.[16]  Mr. Harden gave her the phone back.  When she received the phone back, she noticed that it was wet. She noted that it smelled of acetone, and contained markings such as Mr. Harden’s name (Phone Photo 1).  During this encounter, Mr. Harden told his girlfriend “if (she) calls the police (he) will die.”  This statement was also made to her the day before.  She described that after she left Mr. Harden’s house with her phone, Mr. Harden called her repeatedly on her phone.

Mr. Harden’s girlfriend believed that on November 22nd and potentially on November 21st, Mr. Harden recorded their encounter(s).  She believes that Mr. Harden did this to show that she was crazy because she was yelling at him.  Mr. Harden’s brother told police that he saw a recording on Mr. Harden’s phone that showed Mr. Harden’s girlfriend “yelling stuff.”[17]

After Mr. Harden’s girlfriend drove home, she discussed the matter with her sister and decided to call the police.  She indicated that two Fall River Police officers – a male and female- responded to 130 Lowell Street after she called the police station.  Mr. Harden’s girlfriend told the police officers what occurred two days prior and the police officers photographed her injuries (Injury Photo 1, Injury Photo 2, Injury Photo 3, Injury Photo 4).  When asked if Mr. Harden had any weapons, Mr. Harden’s girlfriend told the police no, but that Mr. Harden could use anything as a weapon.