Fall River Man Convicted of Multiple Robberies/Larcenies

Bristol County District Attorney’s Office
Thomas M. Quinn III

District Attorney

Press Release

August 17, 2016

Bristol County District Attorney Thomas M. Quinn III announced today that a 51-year-old Fall River man who committed four robberies/larcenies during a five month stretch in 2015 has been convicted and sentenced to serve four to six years in state prison.

Charles Duclos on Monday pleaded in Fall River Superior Court to four indictments charging him with larceny from a person, larceny from a person over 65, armed robbery and assault with a dangerous weapon. During a sentencing hearing held before Judge Raffi Yessayan, Assistant District Attorney Jeanne Veenstra argued for five to seven-and-a-half year state prison sentence due to the fact that the defendant has a six page criminal rap sheet that includes multiple county jail sentences. Mr. Duclos’ defense, however, argued for a more lenient two year state prison sentence.

The first of four incidents occurred in March, 2015 when the defendant admitted to his cousin that he pawned his cousin’s Stratocaster guitar at Fall River Pawnbrokers. On March 20, 2015, the defendant told his cousin that he can buy the guitar back from pawnbroker for $60.  The victim then gave the defendant the $60 in cash and drove the defendant to the pawn shop. But while the victim parked his car, the defendant fled the area with the victim’s cash. The victim was ultimately able to get his guitar back from the pawn shop with the assistance of Fall River Police.

On July 10, 2015, a female adult victim told police that while she was visiting her brother in law at Charlton Memorial Hospital, the defendant entered the hospital room to also visit with the patient.  As the visit ended, the defendant asked the victim for a ride to Pleasant Street. After dropping the defendant off, the victim noticed her purse had been moved and that her wallet was missing. Mr. Duclos was located by Fall River Police and arrested.

However, while out on bail, the defendant committed another larceny. On July 26, 2015, Fall River Police were called to a city funeral home. Police are informed the defendant just stole several sympathy cards. People inside the funeral home witnessed the defendant take the cards and immediately flee the building. One of the witnesses chased after the defendant, at which point the defendant threw the sympathy cards onto the sidewalk before running away.  Four sympathy cards intended for an elderly widow, containing $250, were recovered.

Then on August 17, 2015, Fall River Police were dispatched to Carmen Fashions Bridal Boutique on Pleasant Street for a reported robbery. Police learned that the defendant, while armed with a knife and claiming he had a gun, demanded money from a female employee working the cash register. After the victim hesitated for a moment, the defendant smashed a picture frame and put the knife to the woman’s neck. The defendant eventually stile the cash and fled from the store.  After police identified and tracked down the defendant, he admitted to the robbery and said he used the money to purchase heroin.

“The defendant is a career criminal, who at age 51 is unlikely to change his behavior. I would have preferred our recommendation be adopted based on the facts of the case and his lengthy criminal record. But at least he will be off the street for up to six years,” said District Attorney Quinn. “Armed robberies, in particular, are crimes that must be adequately punished. My office will continue to aggressively prosecute and request sentences that are appropriate for the crime.”


Gregg Miliote

Director of Communications