DA Quinn’s Office to Visit All Bristol County High Schools as Part of Anti-Teen Dating Violence Initiative

Bristol County District Attorney Tom Quinn’s Office is embarking upon a county-wide outreach effort to help address teen dating violence. Representatives from the office will visit every public and private high school in Bristol County this week to distribute a new dating violence prevention brochure to each of the school’s guidance offices. There are 33 public high schools and 11 private high schools in the county; staff will visit all 44 locations.

Statistics from Jane Doe Inc. demonstrate that one in three teens report experiencing at least some form of abuse in a dating relationship. This may include verbal/emotional, physical, sexual, and/or financial abuse. With a growing reliance on technology to socialize and communicate, technology (cell phones, internet, and social media) often enhances the level of abuse in a relationship. This is especially common among teens.

The brochure being distributed is entitled: “Teens, Technology, and Dating Violence.” The literature aims to educate students on how technology is increasingly being used as a tool for dating abuse.

The use of technology to abuse a partner may include excessive calling and texting, public harassment online; sexting or threatening to expose a secret or nude photo; prying through phone calls or text messages; tracking one’s whereabouts; and internet stalking. The brochure, created by the District Attorney’s Office, defines these tactics and teaches students to recognize such behaviors as unhealthy and as warning signs for further abuse.

In addition to the brochures, schools will receive a list of educational services and programs that are offered by the District Attorney’s Office. This includes panel speakers, assembly-style school presentations, educational seminars, and trainings for teachers and school staff. In addition, the office will assist those who wish to implement the White Ribbon Campaign at their school. The White Ribbon Campaign engages male students as allies in the efforts to end dating violence.

The initiative comes on the heels of National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, which concluded at the end of February. The Bristol County District Attorney’s Office is proactive year-round on the issue to ensure that youth are educated and equipped with resources to make sound decisions and remain free from harm.


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Director of Communications
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